We believe that all great transformation begins with people.



A total of over 25 years’ work experience in national & international markets, with deep involvement in the Management Consultancy for Business Transformation of IT & FMGC companies brings us extensive knowledge on new generation management skills. We help our clients to achieve their transformation successfully with great value generation.

We believe that all great transformation begins with diagnosis. While we bring deep expertise to guide your change, we start first by understanding your business and then determining how to meet the demands for competing and succeeding in your market.

Our relationship with you is the foundation of our impact. Unlike consultants who arrive with “answers,” we form deep and lasting partnerships with our clients that allow you to thrive and grow during transformation.

We believe that real & lasting change comes from the organization inside, not imposed from the outside. We know that real transformation-personal and collective- is hard.

Yaprak Metin

Yaprak METİN

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During 30+ years of her career, Yaprak has been actively involved in Value Management of projects in various sectors, especially in IT and all other sectors. Acting as the Executive Counsellor to the Board of a Group of companies with 4500 employees and active in the triangle of Turkey, Italy and Spain, Yaprak is responsible for the digital transformation of all business units within the group.
She accomplishes the operation in full compliance with Mentoring, Strategy Consulting, Executive Management.
Additionally, Yaprak manages training and mentoring -focused projects in many universities of Turkey with, and EBRD Mentoring Programs parallel to the Industry 4.0 and 5.0.

Sedef Karagöz


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Sedef is a Certified Senior Project Manager and Professional in Business Management and Management Coaching. Having over 30 years experience in project delivery and performing value management within a global company, ​she consults on infrastructure and engineering, procurement & construction projects, programs and portfolios in varying scale and scope.
Sedef is a manufacturing -industry- recognized expert with deep knowledge and hands-on experience in energy project delivery with extensive knowledge on operations, project and program management, mentoring, technical consulting, value engineering and optimization.

Kemal Turkum


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After his graduation from METU-Mechanical Engineering (BSc.,MSc), Kemal worked in various Trade, Construction and Manufacturing companies of Germany and Turkey, where he built a strong background and expertize in feasibility and project optimization studies, consultant engagement / management cycle, cost planning / management, small-medium size business export-import Project management, sourcing suppliers, procurement and especially Value Methedology-Engineering.
Taking senior management and consulting roles in the referred industries for the last 34 years excelled his career initially in Turkey and then assumed international marketing, sales, business development and OEM management responsibilities in MEA and EEC.

Nuri Önem


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Nuri has provided consultancy with the follow-up and implementation of all legal procedures regarding the general operation and management of the companies, including those at the stage of establishment.
He also worked on the creation and application of all legal processes with third party suppliers and business partners, as well as advising the corporations about legal affairs, such as Turkish labor law and related fields.
Presently, he is working as an Executive Lawyer in the law office of which the main fields of activity are banking, finance, labor law, and legal counseling, and his law office's expertise consists of enforcement and bankruptcy law, labor law, contract law, commercial and labor law mediations.
Moreover, Nuri is providing consultancy on Matrix T customers for all business law related needs and internal training and the subject.

Didem Günergin


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Didem has made Finance and Accounting setup and management in medium and large companies for 25 years. She is also providing consultancy services for companies in their SAP setups.
Didem provides consultancy services to Finance departments, especially in managerial finance, Project planning, internal controlling, pricing and forecasting.

Nur Yapça


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Nur, with nearly 30 years of experience, has established and managed procurement organizations mainly in local and international markets. Formation of pricing strategies, holistic planning of cost saving, tracking of global commodity markets, supplier development and evaluation are her primary fields of expertise.
She provides consultancy and in-house training for medium-sized sales and manufacturing companies about the organization and management of purchasing processes.

Mehmet Akıncı


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In his 30 years of experience, Mehmet has worked mainly in the manufacturing sector specializing in factory management, manufacturing planning, logistics and supply chain planning-management.
Currently,he is consultant to medium-sized companies, especially in the areas of manufacturing planning and management, supply chain setup and planning.

Berfe Yılmaz

HR Management & Operations

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Berfe carried out studies on human resources establishment, organizational structure and employee rights and law in different countries.
She has strong experience especially in the field of manufacturing and wholesale. Moreover, she is currently managing various mentoring programs in Turkishwin and Binyaprak. In her own personal blog, Berfe publishes guideline researches for those who are new in their careers.

Özlem İrevul


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Özlem has 12 years of wholesale, Accommodation, sales & marketing installation and management experience. She is giving consultance service to the newcomer companies and persons in the market, especially the know-how relevant to business plans and sales and marketing strategies.
Özlem has also deep knowledge and involvement in Planning and coordination of supplier production processes for uninterrupted fast food operations as well as Monitoring and managing in-house stock and stock reporting systems together with in-house & inbound logistics.

İlkin Arslan

HR Management & Operations

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In her 25 years of managerial and corporate partnership experience, İLKİN has managed human resource setup-management-improvement and quality management projects.
In addition to her responsibilities as Assistant General Manager, she also worked on internal training planning, mentoring and administrative affairs management, as needed. She conducts business-oriented mentoring studies in all subjects she is experienced in.

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How We Help


VAVE Consultancy follows Value Methodology (VM) set by SAVE International,

We believe VM is what the new era needs. After 30+ years of experience and know how in Project Management & Management Consultancy fields, we came together to deliver standart VM application and encourage professionals to use VM to improve their business performance.


Collaboration is the glue that is needed for success with business transformation. The key point is this: successful business transformation accomplishes several objectives simultaneously. For digital transformation to be a success, collaboration is crucial. While technology enables new ways of working, collaboration is the key catalyst to moving the dial on digital transformation programme success.


The Sustainability Management System (SMS) is a management consultancy approach that aims to integrate sustainable practices into all processes and internal steps of an organization.
In collaboration with the Board of Directors of MatrixT, it works with relevant business units for Management change and integration, to be put into practice with an effective work plan.


A: Functional Leader
B: Cross functional Leader
C: Staff member
Increasingly larger organizations are adopting a matrix management approach to provide flexibility and efficient use of resources. This is not as complex as it sounds. Staff members sit in functional teams where all team members sit in functional teams where all team members share a common expertise.


Value Engineering

Our partner, EPUS, offer value engineering solutions to those who want to reduce their project costs, either for budgeting purpose or during execution phase of the project.


Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a research method that is used by businesses to describe the needs of their customers. This process captures everything that customers are saying about a business, product, or service and packages those ideas into an overall perspective of the brand. Companies use VoC to visualize the gap between customer expectations and their actual experience with the business. By adhering not only develop a closer bond with their customers but also improve their internal collaboration.


MatrixT organizes 1-3-month training sessions in Digital world consisting of online comprehensive case studies to develop the skills of managing the competition capabilities, to create innovation and effective working models. These training sessions are accomplished with the purpose of improving the employees skills in conjunction with the subjects determined according to the groups needs. Skills development is a complicated, dynamic and non-linear process.

Making IT Simple

Management Consulting
MatrixT consultants help businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. Value Creation by MatrixT drives the most value for your business and investors. As companies grow, competitive environments and technologies evolve, and ownership changes, what has worked in the past will often no longer work.
Our Value Creation practice helps companies identify initiatives that will drive value for their business, and develop clear plans to execute on those initiatives.

Making IT Simple

Our steps are mainly to:
1. Assess a business’ current state and develop a fact-based understanding of where the business is heading.
2. Identify opportunities for value creation across all areas of the business e.g. revenue growth, cost optimization, capital efficiency, enterprise value, etc. We bring together key stakeholders in a prioritization workshop to align on strategy and initiatives to pursue.
3. Design execution plans for each value creation initiative, ensuring the right resources and skills are in place to execute. We develop a clear governance framework to assign ownership and metrics for the plan going forward.

Our Experiential Mentoring program with Building Markets.
Matrix Talent Consultany has signed a contract with Building Markets thatsupports small&medium sized Enterprises (SME) for their growth.
MatrixT is responsible to operate Mentoring Program for 150 SMEs and to train 15 Mentors in 5 months time.
This is a valuable ecosystem growth program.

Strategy Consulting

For growth Strategy; A comprehensive and insightful growth strategy. We focus on numerous elements as we design a growth strategy for your organization, including a fact-based assessment of the current state, analysis and prioritization of potential opportunities, design of the future-state strategy and an execution roadmap.
We use diverse, proven tools to develop your growth strategy, including market and competition analysis, financial modeling, benchmarking and in-depth research.
We will build a practical plan and use our expertise in technology and operations to help you execute successfully.

Business Transformation

Business transformation entails a wide-reaching, strategically driven campaign to improve the way in which a company conducts business. Often business transformation is undertaken as a response to shifting market conditions, eroding competitive standing, and deteriorating financial results.
These symptoms prompt companies to undertake business transformation initiatives. Top-performing companies may also implement proactive business transformation programs in order to continuously improve their performance and maintain competitive advantage.
For any enterprise, a successful business transformation campaign can yield substantial benefits including greater strategic clarity, re-energized leadership, improved operational efficiency and effectiveness, and stronger financial performance.

Family Business

The business with a sound strategy in place has an edge on the competition. Family Businesses that face indecision or internal conflict rely on the broad expertise of the Matrix Talent Consulting group to create and implement a custom plan that addresses the challenges and opportunities unique to their family owned enterprise.
Ultimately, what Matrix delivers is "alignment;" a well-defined plan that places the culture, values and goals of the family on the same plane as that of the business.

Preparing of the new gen working model

Is your organisation ready?
It’s time to take a hard look at the assumptions that underpin many organizational practices.
Are yours still relevant?
Have you begun to make the changes required to transition from a 20th century to a 21st century organization?
MAtrixT explores eight questions you should be ask- ing regarding your organization’s readiness for next-generation workers:
1. What will make or break our business success over the next decade?
2. Have we built an organizational capacity for collaboration?
3. Are we leveraging technology to improve performance?
4. Are we able to tap the best available talent?
5. What does it mean to work in our organization?
6. What do our “managers” do?
7. Are we basing our decision-making on the best possible input?
8. Is our organization ready for the future?

Business Orientation


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Accelerate velocity, ensure a consistent brand message across channels and drive efficiencies with workflow automation, content management and collaborative on-line proofing in a single system.

New Working Skills


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We help clients be more relevant to their customers through a combination of information, insights and interactions. Our proven 1:1 marketing strategies can help you increase ROI by leveraging best-in-class technologies to seamlessly deliver the optimal message across multiple channels.

Business Transformation


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Optimize your workflow, gain complete visibility and control, ensure compliance and leverage legacy data in current state multi-channel communications. Integrated eDelivery, archival and ePresentment capabilities.

Mentoring Programs


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We work with Professionals for successful working models focused on integration and efficiency in the changing ecosystem. In particular, we work together to create business plans focused on increasing the happiness of making the person stand out in the system.
We create new working models in each sector and in all positions. Our mentoring projects continue for 6 months and 1 year periods. The durations continue as long as Mentee needs.

End-to-End Solutions that
Improve Business Performance

Our Work


  • We facilitate your improvement initiatives.
  • We work with you to solve the problems that we identify in our analyses. This allows you to see the actual value be realized from the analysis. We don’t just leave you with a report, we leave you with results.
  • Consider it a privilege to partner with you during such crucial moments of your individual and organizational life. Here are just a few of the leading organizations with whom we’ve had the honor to partner.


A holistic approach to transforming your organization. When your business is going through transformation, it takes more than heroic leadership, a bulletproof strategy, or a newly reconfigured org chart to succeed. For organizational change to deliver the competitive performance and inspired workforce you envision, you need to address the WHOLE picture – your strategy, your organization, your leadership and NEW management Skills.



At the same time, we believe change must happen on these three domains simultaneously.+ read more

It needs to occur within individual leaders; between leaders, departments, and functions; and among the entire organization by way of processes, culture, and values. When these transformations are synchronized, everyone becomes invested in making change work.


It all adds up to an organization that consistently delivers on the promises it makes.